This Is Us

We're Gill Marles + Adrian Barclay – a hands-on design partnership delivering beautifully effective design for healthcare environments. We are called HospitaI Graphics because it simply describes what we do. 

We want to see the amazing levels of care and professionalism in hospitals better reflected in the environment, making the journey through a hospital a little bit better for everyone. We know good design makes a difference. From details like a clearer door release sign to a colourful mural to transform a dreary corridor, this is what we care about. 



Gill brings graphic design flair, interior design know-how and exacting project management skills. Balancing design-diva attention to detail with a down-to-earth determination to deliver every project on time and bang on budget – that’s her superpower.


Adrian's facility for creative thinking brings Hospital Graphics projects to life. He's bursting with ideas and his skills and versatility as an illustrator enables us to deliver beautiful artwork in a range of styles. 

“Gill and Adrian have made our hospital a better place to visit and work.”

JULIE Cheyney, Assistant Director of Patient & Service User Experience

And you too…

We work together.


We work with arts organisations, hospital charities, communications teams and medical staff. 

Often a clinical staff member will heroically step up to make a project happen. Thank you! We appreciate you have (even) more important things to do, and we’ll do all we can to make the process as easy as possible. 

You understand the challenge of your unit. Our best solutions come when we combine your expertise and experience with ours. 

And other experts

Patients, families and other hospital staff can bring real insight, a more diverse perspective and fresh ideas. Workshops, work-in-progress exhibitions and questionnaires are some of the ways we listen and share. 

WE'RE FUSSY + SO ARE our suppliers

We're proud to work with a skilled team who bring real care and attention to detail to the print, production and installation of our artwork. 


We are grateful for the expert oversight and wise counsel of Dr Stephen Robinson FSCH BHC ABS. Dr Robinson is a senior consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at Southmead Hospital Bristol, UK. 

“The graphics have made the environment so much nicer to be in. It’s a better place to visit and work. They cheer me up.”


Trusted by over 30 hospitals across three continents – thank you


About Us

We're Gill Marles + Adrian Barclay. We are called Hospital Graphics because it most simply describes what we do. Let us know how we can help.

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