Our Graphics

Our graphic design service covers all sorts of visual communication – from simple signage to beautiful wall art. Our work in hospitals falls into two main areas: Information + Infographics to explain and reassure and Art + Interiors to transform how spaces feel.

You can find information on both areas below.

Information + Infographics

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Equipment diagrams, visitor information, welcome signs, wayfinding and more…


Understanding medical environments or procedures can reduce stress and anxiety for patients and families. The information and infographics we produce for hospitals use simple images and jargon-free explanations.

Art + Interiors


Wall art, prints, paintings and interior design…


There’s increasing evidence of positive effects of art on health and wellbeing, transforming a functional clinical environment with visual design that is inspiring, engaging and warmer for visitors and patients alike.

“Gill and Adrian’s designs have made Southmead Hospital a better place to be.”

Ruth Sidgwick, Arts Programme Manager, Southmead Hospital

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