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Can art improve the health and wellbeing of patients and staff? A growing body of evidence suggests that it can do just that. Great spaces change how people feel, bringing a sense of humanity and warmth to clinical environments, to lift the spirits, calm, distract, soothe and reassure. 

We create beautiful, bespoke visual artwork to improve the overall hospital experience and boost morale. 

Wall Art for Wellbeing

Lewishama555x416 Lewisham555x416

Posters and large format pieces to improve the wellbeing of patients and staff. Artwork for the walls of busy wards that takes you somewhere else, portholes into other places and memories. Artwork to connect and engage. 

Designs for Dementia

Dementiab555x416 Dementiaa555x416

Artwork for healthcare spaces used by those with dementia and other cognitive impairments. Designing environments that are welcoming, reassuring and respond to the specific needs of dementia patients - to make spaces warmer, less scary and more inviting - encouraging movement, stimulating reminiscence and engagement. 

Calming Ceiling Art

Ceilingroom (1) Ceilingtrees2 (1)

Relaxing designs for hospital ceilings to calm and distract patients in recovery. Robust and wipeable for highly controlled environments such as theatres. Ceiling artwork can also be made with LED backlit tiles which give an amazing sense of skylight in internal spaces.

Emergency Department Wallpaper

Eda555x416 Ed555x416

Wonderful, wipeable wallpaper backgrounds for ED cubicles, transforming bare walls to create a less scary, more therapeutic environment for patients and carers.  

And more…

Arsenal Gatehouse Colouringin

Bespoke poster style pieces, colouring books, and more…

Practical Considerations


We bring expertise and experience across a range of materials and media – robust solutions and understanding of the requirements around infection control and fire safety to meet the needs of hospital public spaces. 

“Hospitals can be scary places. Simple things can make that a little bit less horrible and scary.”

Dr Lucy Hogg, ICU Consultant, Kircaldy Hospital, Fife, Scotland

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