Decorative Artworks

Beautiful wall art for hospitals, to distract and reduce stress at difficult times.



It is now generally accepted that art can have a profound effect on patient recovery. This is backed up by a growing body of research: 

“It is documented that art can reduce the experience of pain through distracting the patient’s attention.”
Michael Mullins, professor, University of Aalborg


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We support hospital units who want to make art a serious part of their care. Our decorative wall art is designed to distract and bring comfort, for patients, visitors and staff, reminding them of life outside and better times. 


Our decorative artwork is wipeable and easy to clean, meeting the robust requirements of infection control and fire safety.


the impact

The aim of our artwork is to help distract patients, overcoming pain and reducing stress by making spaces nicer and more interesting. 

who we worked with

Harrogate Theatres, Sheffield Children's Hospital,  Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow library

Funded by

Various hospitals

“It made the department look more professional. It will soften the impact for families and reinforce information that bedside nurses give.”

Steve Marjoribanks, Senior charge nurse, Aberdeen General ICU