Graphics for chilrden's wards

Clear information and colourful artwork to transform the hospital experience for young patients and family members. 

Equip PICU

Visual design to help kids feel better

We create simple, colourful design solutions to make children's wards look and feel better – from warm Welcome Signs, easy-to-understand equipment diagrams, large format wall art and even a specially designed book on the hospital experience for kids. 

Sheffield Childrens
Sheffieldkidsdiagram Sheffieldkids

the impact

Transforming cold, clinical environments into colourful, warm, reassuring spaces, with artwork and design to distract, reduce anxiety, get kids talking and have some fun.

who we worked with

Various Children's wards, PICUs and NICUs nationwide.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to making this a reality for us."

Jason Evans, Sheffield Children's Hospital ICU