Intensive Care Unit
equipment diagrams

Our infographic uses simple, iconic illustrations and straightforward descriptions to help patients and carers understand the equipment used in the Critical Care environment. This improved understanding helps reduce anxiety and is a useful tool for medical staff to explain functions and procedures.

Equip Melbourne
Equip Borders

a strong identity

This large scale wall graphic also has a decorative function – it gives the unit a stronger identity and provides a reference point to orientate oneself in this large space.

This design was first used at Southmead Hospital (North Bristol NHS Trust), one of the country’s busiest ICUs with over 2,000 patients each year. We have been delivering bespoke versions of this infographic to hospitals across the world – each is re-designed to reflect each units' own equipment and branding. Including Neonatal, Paediatric and specialist Ventilations units. These have range form the simple to diagrams with 25 pieces of equipment five metres long.

For example for The Austin, Melbourne we used the hospital’s brand colours and typeface.

Equip Harfield
Southmead Equipblue

Want your own version of the Equipment Diagram?

Here’s our step by step guide to the process

Equip Generic
Southmead Equipment

the impact

Clear signage and explanations in plain english improved the ICU visitor experience. The local feel helps visitors relax, connecting the building more strongly to the community. And better understanding of the ICU environment reduces anxiety for family, carers and patients at a difficult and stressful time.

who we worked with

Hospitals all over the UK and the world, from America to Australia. Thank you.

“Good communication can calm the nerves. A calmer patient can make for a safer anaesthetic.”