The Queen Elizabeth
Hospital Woolwich

Artwork for a positive impact on the wellbeing of patients and staff on the wards. 



• Wards are busy.
• Wards quite dark with few external windows.
• Many patients have long stays of over four weeks.

The brief was to create artwork that would have a positive impact on the wellbeing of patients and staff on the wards. The work needed to respond, not only the physical environment in which it will be located, but also to tthe experiences of those on the wards. 

The aim of the commission was to bring a sense of humanity to highly clinical spaces, to lift the spirits, calm, distract, soothe and reassure.

The artwork

The commission involved a wide range of pieces from window vinyl, poster style pieces and larger wall artwork (over 20 Artworks). 

Wards14+16 Greenwich

the impact

Ward 14 images were about place and community – familiar places to create connections, scenes that are accessible and engaging. 

For Ward 16, the work was based around themes of escape and refreshing change. Bright colours and a positive open feel – windows into other places and memories. We used circular or irregular shaped artwork to stand out amongst all the 'visual noise’ of a busy ward.

who we worked with

Arts Connect, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
Anna Matthams, Arts Manager

Funded by

Lewisham and Greenwich Hospital Charity

“First impressions matter. Simple, visual information can reduce anxiety and will reassure you of the care you’ll receive.”

JULIE CHEYNEY, Assistant Director of Patient & Service User Experience