Theatre Recovery Room Ceiling
North Bristol NHS Trust

Design to reassure and relax.

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how do you distract and calm?

The new modular theatres within the Women's and Children's Unit at Southmead Hospital is smart and clean, but quite austere. The team wanted a design for the ceiling that would calm and distract patients lying down in recovery. The printed panels are robust and wipeable for this highly controlled environment.

Our solution

Relaxing artwork for the ceiling above the bed. 'Looking up through leaves' was chosen by patients and staff from a number of design ideas submitted. The artwork is wrapped to existing ceiling tiles. 

Ceiling artwork can also be made with LED backlit tiles which give an amazing sense of skylight in internal spaces.

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the impact

The tiles brighten up the recovery room, and help to distract and calm patients as they come around after surgery.

who we worked with

Jessica Mockford Ramalho, Estates, North Bristol NHS Trust

Funded by

North Bristol NHS Trust