Visitor Information

Consolidating ward information into a single panel – clear, simple, visual.

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When people are under stress, it’s hard to absorb information, particularly when that information is complex, lengthy and spread around the room. Posters can get dog-eared, pamphlets get lost and quickly date – there must be a better way to communicate important ward information. 

Graphics are visual reminders, easy to take in. We create clear signage for hospital wards, with easy to understand graphics and simple explanations in non-clinical text. Large format wall graphics are more accessible and a better use of resources than paper leaflets. We use plain english to improve accessibility for those with English as a second language.

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Our ward information signs can also include:

• incorporating ways to include updateable information in a clear and professional way – using whiteboards / perspex holders.
• Digital versions of these signs - very effective and easily updatable.
• Scannable QR codes for quick links to more detailed information online.

We follow NHS guidelines, also your Trust’s own specific guidelines.


the impact

Clear signage and simple explanations with ‘non clinical’ text aim to improve the visitor experience and reduce anxiety for family, carers and patients.

who we worked with

Hospitals all over the UK and the world, from Manchester to Melbourne. Thank you.


“You need to give patients simple information because they’re in a stressed state. These graphics make understanding easier.”

JULIE CHEYNEY, Assistant Director of Patient & Service User Experience